Selbach and Richter 2019 Offer

Selbach and Richter 2019 Offer – Two of the Mosel’s Super Stars from the Epic 2019 Vintage 

The 2019 vintage is the best vintage I have ever tasted for German riesling in my four-decade career. Like James, my career as a wine critic began in the early 1980s. The first German vintage I tasted as young wines was 1983 and I can’t remember a vintage like that – until now. The 2019 wines, from dry to classic style with natural grape sweetness are simply astonishing quality, which means 2019 is one of the greatest vintages of modern times and will be remembered for decades, possibility generations. STUART PIGOTT,

Once again Constantin Richter has presented a series of excellent and world-class Rieslings, of which many are sweet and PQR superstars, like the sweet Kabinett Rieslings from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr and the Graacher Himmelreich… He is also a master of Spätlese and Auslese, and these don’t cost a fortune. If I could, I would always praise MFR as one of the domains that is producing exceptional wines for often very moderate prices. STEPHAN REINHARDT, Wine Advocate

“All in all, the 2019 vintage was by far not as easy as 2018. In the end, however, last year’s wines were also of excellent quality.” Indeed, it is a 2019 TBA from the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr that I awarded 100 points. STEPHAN REINHARDT

Selbach-Oster might be one of the hottest domains along the Mosel, if not in all Germany. WINE ADVOCATE

Today the winery owns nearly 40 acres in some of the Mosel’s best sites–including Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Zeltinger Sonnenuhr and Zeltinger Schlossberg–and is known for its firm, uncompromising style of pure Riesling. BRUCE SANDERSON, Wine Spectator


This really is an exciting offer to be sending to everyone. It combines two of my favourite producers in the Mosel, thus in Germany which means… anywhere on earth! Yes, yes, German Riesling makes me very happy and I get somewhat excited.

Nothing in the world of wine grabs my attention or pulls at my addiction more than the wines of the Mosel. You combine my usual frothing obsession with German Riesling and throw in these two pinnacle producers then add the 2019 vintage in to the mix, you are going to get a storm of enthusiastic claims and comments from me… I will do my best to keep it moderate.

The wines are due to arrive in a week or two and so I haven’t as yet had the pleasure of trying any. I have however put in an order for myself as these are two of the “absolutely do not miss” producers for me, when you can get them which isn’t always the case sadly. Also, with the reviews, below, from Stuart Pigott, I think these are no brainers. Reviews are equally impressive from the likes of Stephan Reinhardt (equally regarded as one of the top critics for Riesling globally) and the like. I would confidently buy any wine from Selbach or Richter in any vintage without trying them and in a year like 19 my only constraint is my budget, which I will blow.

In my mind there is little, or no, qualitative difference between the two estates and both work with the best sites in the region. Perhaps a little note on styles though? Selbach, for me, tends towards a less rich and overtly fruitful style that delivers, instead, on a fine thread of purity and focus over sweetness or volume. Wines that are a joy to drink in their youth but expand with time in the bottle and become, somehow, richer but livelier with age. Eminently refreshing and uber pure Rieslings.

Richter is the archetypal Mosel producer. Along with a, very, small group of likeminded producers they craft some of the more exhilarating, site specific, riveting Rieslings in the region. At their best they are extraordinary examples of balance/harmony, as sweetness vies with verve and minerality punctuates fruit. They can walk that tightrope that only the best of the Mosel ever achieve, that impeccable interplay between sweetness of fruit and sizzling energy. Given appropriate bottle age these can be some of the most enticing wines you are likely to find, in their youth they are a thrill ride.

I really can’t stress this enough, if you love Riesling buy these! Buy as much as you can and as widely as you can and put them away for as long as you can. Both producers have been responsible for crafting some of the best Riesling I have ever drunk over the years. I don’t know what else I can really add to this. Go as large as you can. I promise in the years to come when you open some of these 19 Rieslings your only regret will be that you didn’t buy more when you could.