Seville Estate Chardonnay 2019


Seems to be a winery in most excellent form at present. GARY WALSH

Seville Estate obviously has a currency in fine wine circles, but perhaps a bit overlooked in a current vogue? A shame. Some brilliant wines, consistently, are crafted from the stalwart estate. MIKE BENNIE

I think Mike Bennie, of Wine Front among other things,  sums up how I feel about Seville Estate pretty well. Perhaps with a little less flourish and hyperbole than I am prone to use, but the sentiment is the same. Dylan McMahon has been producing some of the Yarra Valley’s top wines, especially Chardonnay, for quite some time now. They have a very, very loyal following but that tends to be more “fine wine circles” as Mike puts it.

For whatever reason they haven’t garnered the same kind of following as some other estates up there. Despite the constant, extremely high, quality that he produces and the fact he crafts some of the most striking Chardonnay in the region (as evidenced by the slew of trophies, awards, press etc) and thus in Australia, somehow they have managed to fly under the proverbial radar with so many people. It’s a shame really, I think the wines sit in the same kind of echelon, in terms of quality and expression, as all the traditional icons of the Valley.

While everything at Seville is top notch, as I mentioned before, it’s the Chardonnays that usually grab my attention most and this was certainly the case when we tried through the new range of recently. The three tiers were all great and worthy of attention in their own right, however one wine stood out for those all important factors, quality and price combined. The 2019 estate Chardonnay.

The estate release this year pips the current reserve for me. That is a statement bound to raise a few heckles or at the least some questions, I will note that both wines received basically equal scores (if that counts) on both the Wine Front and Wine Companion. The price difference is quite significant as well. Don’t get me wrong, the reserve is super and a little more restrained than the estate, but the quality difference is nominal. That makes this seem even more impressive than usual, which it is.

As to the wine, it really over delivers. There is flesh, weight, texture, intensity and power all tied to some clear cut and pristine feeling acidity. It really demonstrates the quality of the fruit but also the deft touch of a man who really is comfortable with his craft. While there is a good bit going on here and the wine is packed with flavour it is also all complimentary, everything right where it should be. The overall feel is one of effortless sophistication.

I will be buying this! The wine is great and the price is even better, especially when you consider it is basically 25% off in a dozen, only $33.33 each. Honestly, you can’t go wrong here.

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