Shadowfax Single Vineyard 2019

Alister Timms has not missed a beat since he took the reins at Shadowfax from the highly regarded Matt Harrop back in 2017. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir he is crafting from sites scattered around the Macedon are a striking testament to Australia’s coldest mainland wine region and one which I am convinced is still vastly undervalued. Which is surprising given it is home to highly regarded wineries such as Curly Flat and Michael Dhillon’s Bindi Wines. That last point is one which benefits consumers greatly, at least for now, with sensational value to be found, particularly when comparing the wines from the region to their more famed cold climate cousins in Tasmania.

Shadowfax’s entry-level Macedon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have long been darlings of savvy buyers looking for something extra in the hotly contested $30-$35 price point, but spend just a little more and their single vineyard wines offer you a portal into the diverse and character-filled terroirs of the Macedon.

Shadowfax’s single vineyard Chardonnay is drawn from the red volcanic soils of their Midhill vineyard in Romsey. Here the warm summer northerlies help provide wonderful flesh and richness to the wine before the mercury drops each evening keeping the wines fresh and focused. Their two single vineyard Pinot Noirs come from two towering sites, Little Hampton near Trentham at 730m above sea level and Straws Lane near Hesket up in the clouds at 800m above sea level. These are two exceptional wines that reverberate their sites wonderfully. The Little Hampton is deep with wisps of smoke on the nose and graphite like minerality splashed across the palate. The Straws Lane is a joyous wine with bright cherry fruit, heady floral aromatics and knotted together with stony acidity. Timms is weaving together some Macedon magic here.