Sorrenberg Gamay 2019 Just Released

Cult wine, amazing humans, great farming, super vision for planting this variety a generation ago… The best Gamay in Australia. MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front

Barry and Jan Morey keep a low profile, but the wines from their vineyard at Beechworth have a cult following not far removed from that of Giaconda. Gamay and Chardonnay are the winery specialities. JAMES HALLIDAY

I always reckon if you keep at what you do you’re probably going to be trendy three times in your life… It’s better to grow varieties that suit the environment you are in than what the latest trends are. BARRY MOREY, Sorrenberg

It is with great pleasure that I offer you the latest release out of Beechworth: Sorrenberg’s 2019 Gamay. The current Sorrenberg followers need no convincing, but if you have not yet been introduced to the humble Beechworth duo then please consider it this time around. The 2019 vintage is quite special for two reasons: 1) 2019 volumes were low making the wine even more sought after than usual, and 2) sadly, there will not be a 2020 vintage; What a lovely opportunity to support one of the producers who has been effected by the bushfires all the while making sure your Sorrenberg stock lasts you ’til 2022 (a sobering thought, I know).

Barry and Jan Morey settled in the town of Beechworth in 1984 and, on a whim, chose to plant the Gamay grape. Considering the image problem Gamay has suffered since then, this could have been disastrous. Miraculously, even at times when consumer attitudes were at their most negative, Sorrenberg managed to transcend the mind-sets of even the most vocal opponents and managed to claim the prize for being the “go-to” example of the finer things Gamay can do. The style, elegance, and finesse of the Gamay can certainly be attributed to the fact that the vineyard is one of the highest elevated with granite soils in the Beechworth region. Barry and Jan embrace biodynamics and have been certified since 2008. They fully believe in raising healthy vines and all that accompanies that way of life. Quite frankly, it would be difficult to dispute the quality coming from this vineyard at this point.

With the second wave and closure of bars and restaurants in Victoria we have been given a slightly larger allocation than normal. Mind you, this means 180 bottles are available. This will sell out so I urge you to hop to sooner rather than later. I am offering 15% savings on the wine and have not put buying limits on this year’s allocation.

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