South Australia's Emerging Winemaker: Sven Joschke

Sven Joschke’s wines are exciting and delicious. After living a life as a chartered accountant and 15 years away from South Australian wine influences, he eventually came home. Something about it being in the blood. MIKE BENNIE, Gourmet Traveler WINE

Sven Joschke, South Australian native, has returned home after 15 years abroad and interstate – and what a warm welcome it has been. He took his sweet time, but Australia is now reaping the benefits of his return. Welcome home, mate!

Charted Accountant turned Winemaker with success-story winemaking mentors like Peter Schell (Spinifex) and Jason Schwarz (Schwarz Wine Co). A Cinderella Story in the making? Pretty much.

There’s only been a couple vintages produced under the Sven Joschke label, but the critics are already all over them. These wines won’t be a “Best Kept Secret” much longer. Sven recently received a 2 page write-up in Gourmet Traveler’s WINE, written by the well-respected Aussie critic, Mike Bennie. He’s on board, folks, and you should be too. I would highly recommend joining the soon-to-be success story now; It’ll be a pretty joyous ride with insanely good juice to keep you jolly all the way to the top.

Sven sources his fruit from single vineyard sites throughout South Australia. All of his wines are unfined and unfiltered. Not to fret – there are no “floaties” or wannabe “Hipsters” close by – rather these wines are incredibly clean, bright, and balanced. These are some of the most refined and elegant “Natural Wines” I have ever seen in Australia. There are less that 1,000 bottles of each wine produced yearly and they already move quickly.

If this guy wasn’t already super cool; In the off-season Sven spends his time in the tiny wine growing region of Jura, France, where he has begun producing wine under his own label. We (impatiently) await the release from France.

His track record may be short, but it’s laced with smiling faces and eager fans. To make it easy on the ‘ole noggin’ I’ve created a Mixed Intro Dozen where you will receive 3 bottles of each wine. I am pleased to offer 15% savings on single bottle purchases and over 20% savings when you purchase the Mixed Dozen. Don’t think this one over too long, there won’t be anything left!