Super Tuscan Offer 2021

Whatever happened to Super Tuscans?
The groundbreaking wines that set Italy on the road to a quality revolution are still around and better than ever

What’s the hardest part of a one week lockdown?… The sixth week!

When I first started going to Italy to source wine (remember when we used to go oversees), every man and his dog was hot and heavy for Super Tuscans. Your Sassicaia, Cepparello, Camartina, Tignanello and the gang had effectively rewritten the rule book, up-ending the dinner table of Italian wine law and letting loose a whole new genre of quality-based wine onto world markets, where they found a legion of fans and instant acclaim.

That simple act of defiance by these Tuscan winemakers inadvertently tipped the first domino and set in train a paradigm shift for the whole of the Italian wine industry. Gradually, every region in Italy would follow the same recipe, be it throwing off restrictive wine law or just simply aiming for quality above quantity. Phase two has been rejuvenating old vineyards and recognition of the uniqueness of their own indigenous varieties. In fact, you could argue those Super Tuscans really opened a door of creativity in Italian wine circles that permeates at every level and in every genre.

So, I was thinking about all this as I wandered the empty aisles of the wine store and thought it’s been a long time since we shone a light on the many brilliant examples that have been released of late. It should be said that I’m not a fan of the term Super Tuscan – good for the era but these days doesn’t really adequately cover the ground – but in saying that, it works for people. What we’re really talking about are those actual early versions or those that have followed in their footsteps and they’re wines that can be anything the producer decides, whether that decision falls within the wine laws or not. – 100% sangiovese, cab sangiovese blend, merlot, syrah, cabernet franc…and all of the possible combinations in between.

The other thing I noticed, we happen to have a smattering of some of the best examples released in recent times. Not loads of anything but a cool representation of the best and brightest that might fit the moniker today. I’ve listed them below and applied a nice discount. The reviews are universally glowing (I haven’t included scores but everything here is 96 or above) and I can tell you the wines are truly exciting, in some ways much more exciting than they ever have been. Some are widely known and legendary and some should be!