TarraWarra Reserve Chardonnay 2012

A perfectly cellared 2012 Chardonnay released from Yarra stalwart Tarrawarra – Right in the zone

TarraWarra is, and always has been, one of the top-tier wineries in the Yarra Valley. Founded by Marc Besen AC and wife Eva Besen AO, it has operated on the basis that quality is paramount, cost a secondary concern. Changes in the vineyard include the planting of shiraz and merlot, and in the winery, the creation of a 4-tier range: a deluxe MDB label made in tiny quantities and only when the vintage permits; the single-vineyard range; a Reserve range; and the 100% estate-grown varietal range. JAMES HALLIDAY

I was pondering how to write this up last night, while drinking a very large glass of this beautifully mature example of Chardonnay, and I thought that perhaps short and sweet is the way to go. Not my usual method but here goes.

This has a few very important things going for it. Firstly it comes from a great vintage in the Yarra. Secondly it’s produced by an estate who is an old hand at crafting high end Chardonnay with a proven track record of aging. The third and, probably, most important factor is that it has been released right in it’s sweet spot for drinking, in my mind. While it still has many years of life ahead of it today it is sitting in that zone where maturity and youthful enthusiasm have come together to form something that delivers such wonderful pleasure right now.

I think this is a great example of why we often tell people that while Chardonnay from producers like this are thoroughly enjoyable in their youth a little patience can go a long way. This is a great package with all the elements required to deliver maximum pleasure. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this.

I have included the reviews for the wine from when it was released, and my thoughts from drinking it last night, below. Please take note that I don’t say “tasting” this is a wine you just want to drink.