Tasmanian Pinot Noir Fair Sydney 2021

Wine production on Tasmania has always been small, but its potential is now being realised. The proudly self-conscious island of Tasmania south of the state of Victoria is Australia’s coolest, most distinctive wine region with a varied climate and terrain quite unlike anywhere on the mainland. A spate of new plantings in the early 1990s brought the total number of vine growers to 90, of whom hardly more than 20 made wine, and each of them only on a small scale. Today the number of producers is closer to 250 but only about 10% of those have more than 10 ha (25 acres) of vineyards. JANCIS ROBINSON

Over the last decade Tasmania has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the country’s most highly regarded regions for producing premium pinot noir. The number of wineries has grown exponentially as well and now long standing producers such a Stefano Lubiana, are joined by exciting new producers like Sailor Seeks Horse, Meadowbank and Two Tonne.

We are now no longer talking about Tasmanian as a homegenous region as well, with the Tamar Valley, Coal River, Derwent Valley and more each beginning to show their imprint on the wines. It’s an exciting time for Tasmanian pinot noir and the quality of wines across the board has never been better.