Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez is one of the superstars of modern Spanish wine, although the term ‘modern’ perhaps is a little misleading. Telmo has been instrumental in fighting against the internationalisation and industrialisation of Spanish wine for decades. It’s modern thinking, but in essence Telmo wants to lead a return to a pre-industrial world of Spanish wine where the focus is on creating wines of character and provenance that speak of their terroir and use only local varities.

Telmos, along with his business partner Pablo Eguzkiza seek out special parcels across Spain and breath new life into them and in more recent years have been involved in large scale replanting of locally evolved cultivars that have synchornisty with their sites. This dedication to the ‘bigger picture’ aside the wines themselves are operate largely as a wonderous map of Spanish terroir. Few could claim to make wines of such purity and finesse from regions spanning from Rioja, to Valdeorras to Alicante and beyond.