Tempier 2020

…one of the greatest rosé of the world and for a long, long time. JAMES SUCKLING

A vertical of Domaine Tempier Bandol a few years ago showed me that this iconic Provençal rosé could last as long as 30 years. JANCIS ROBINSON

Easily the most widely recognized estate in Bandol,  JEB DUNNUCK, eRobertParker.com 

There is Provence rose, and then there is Domaine Tempier’s Bandol rose. While the market here has been flooded in recent years with thousands of lookalike Provence roses, Tempier’s Bandol rose still stands alone at the top of the tree. It’s in a class of it’s own.

There is always a crystalline purity to Tempier’s rose, it’s effortless and graceful and yet beneath the delicate facade there is plenty going on. It’s succulent and juicy and melds tart red fruits with bitter citrus and rose hip, but around the edges is where it really gets interesting. Depending on the vintage there might be a wisp of smoke here, a press of wet slate there, a gentle waft of wild Mediterranean herbs and a texture that wanders between a light oiliness, to a waxy and mouth-coating finish. It’s long and lingering and captures Bandol’s distinct terroir wonderfully.

This is rare rose that can age as well, Jancis Robinson recalled how a near 30yr old Tempier rosé was “the finest pink wine I have ever drunk.” While that might be the long end of the spectrum, at five years the wine begins to really open into new territory.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that founder Lucien Peyraud was one of the key figures involved in establishing the Bandol AOC and leading the charge towards a focus on producing high quality wines in the region. This unwavering focus on excellence continues to drive Tempier to greatness today. This is a wine you can buy with confidence in each and every vintage, enjoying the subtle shift in nuance, but always delivering an exceptional, benchmark rose.

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