Tempier Bandol Rose 2019 Has Landed!

Vintage after vintage, year after year, there are people in every corner of the world eagerly awaiting the release of Domaine Tempier’s Bandol Rosé. This year, of course, we find ourselves in “unprecedented times” and, perhaps, Rosé is low on our lists, but I promise you won’t regret this purchase come Christmas-time when our lives start looking some-what normal again, family gatherings can occur, and the Aussie sun is shining and begging for a luscious Rosé.

The well sought-after Domaine is responsible for the return in popularity of Mouvedre in the appellation of Bandol and continues to set the bar extremely high for neighboring properties. Generally most of the critics have tasted the new vintage release this far into the year, but with travel measures (in Europe) in place since early March I find myself having to simply trust the Domaine and know that even without the critics raving – this is an elegant wine and one to save for those special celebrations to come that will mean even more now than ever.

There are only 20 dozen 750ml bottles available and much smaller allocations of the 1/2 bottle, and magnum. This wine always sells out very quickly so I would suggest getting your orders in early to avoid disappointment.