Tenuta Aglaea Sicilian Reds

I don’t remember the last time I tasted through so many world-class wines, both white and red, from Sicily; probably never, in fact. In a nutshell, that’s what you need to know about the state of Sicilian wine today: while the potential for memorable wines has always been there, it appears that at long last many of the island’s estates (though certainly not all) are finally starting to harness that potential. IAN D’AGATA, vinous.com

Etna – the mountain and the wine appellation surrounding it – provides a jaw-dropping landscape, one every wine lover should see. Millions of gnarled old vines grow out of avalanches of dark, crumbling lava soils with a massive, commanding peak looming in the background. RAJAT PARR, The Sommelier’s Taste of Wine.

Anne-Marie tends not to worry about critics and the noisy hubbub that comes with the associated press. Solely focused on her little estate she lets the quality of her wines sing their own song and the adoring fans she has garnered across the globe speaks volumes as to the result of that commitment to quality. They have a strong enough following here that the wines now sell out every year as her base in Australia is very strong. ROSCOE HALLIGAN-ROSE, PWS


While Sicily still pumps out an endless stream of bulk wine, it is the Sicilian reds from Etna that have captured our curiosity and hearts lately.

Etna reds stand out for their tension, finesse and agile frames. Sitting on the slopes of the active volcano on black pumice-rich volcanic soils, these wines encapsulate purity and minerality.

Nerello mascalese leads the reds, with its sibling nerello cappuccio supporting. A relative of sangiovese, mascalese offers florals and earthy tones in its youth, moving into compost and leather flavours with age. Its sinewy structure bares just the right amount of flesh in its youth, fine-tuning itself later in life.

Anne-Louise Mikkelsen is the current custodian of Tenuta Aglaea. Originally from Denmark, she works only with mascalese for her reds after falling in love with its ability as a terroir transmitter, a capability she attributes to only four grapes; nebbiolo, sangiovese, pinot noir and nerello mascalese.

The purity and precision of the grapes are paramount at Tenuta Aglaea. Working organically with old bush vines at heights of 600-800m, Mikkelsen understands she needs to do little in the winery. The quality of her grapes are exquisite, packed with vitality, minerally undercurrents and fine rich tannins.

With a focus on terroir, the Etna region is focused on defining their crus and bottling the plots separately. Mikkelsen now owns 1.8ha of vines in the Bocca d’Orzo (0.3ha) contrada in the zone of Randazzo, along with Passo Cannone (1ha) and Santo Spirito (0.5ha) in Passopisciaro.  Working these vines is incredibly labour intensive – back-breaking at its best.  Each plot is kept separate in the winery to preserve its personality.

We have two brilliant Etna reds on offer today, the Tenuta Aglaea Etna Rosso Aglaea 2019 and the Tenuta Aglaea Etna Rosso Thalia 2017. The Aglaea offers a delightful introduction into Etna reds while the Thalia imposes its presence with a little more power. With a few more years under its belt, it’s subtle and nuanced with an impressive confidence.

In a sea of sameness, Etna’s red wines stand out for their originality. Their ability to transmit terroir is perceptive, resulting in upfront delicious wines with chalky textured tannins. These medium bodied beauties are versatile, their tannin and fresh acidities a lovely counter to richer dishes.

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