Supernatural Pinot Noir 2019

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  • South Melbourne
  • Sydney

The Supernatural wines are made by Ghost Rock which hails from Tasmania's Cradle Coast, a sub-region pretty much pioneered by Justin's folks (Cate and Colin) over 20 years ago. To this day there is still not much around - they pretty much are the Cradle Coast. The Northdown area is a little cooler than the rest of Tasmania, and so these soils, in conjunction with some good vine age (20-years-old in the main), high-density planting and an obsessive pursuit of quality means both the sophistication and intensity are always pretty special.

Justin has brought a new edge to the winery but like his parents remains firmly committed a lo-fi matra with wild-ferments and exclusively unfined/unfiltered, low SO2, small batches, one-off productions.

We were definitely taken by these wines when trying recently and the story and locale make them all the more special. Wild and pretty on the nose that ebbs and flows with lifted red fruits, strawberry and cherry as well bay and herbs. The nose has that fleeting effect you get when you are trying to pin down a set of aromas but they keep moving on you. Much of the same in the mouth with a wonderful grip that pulls all the flavours down on the palate. Vibrant abd bright with plenty of fruit drive but stays limber and spry. Delicious! PWS