Three of the Great German Producers from 2019

The 2019 vintage is the best vintage I have ever tasted for German riesling in my four-decade career. Like James, my career as a wine critic began in the early 1980s. The first German vintage I tasted as young wines was 1983 and I can’t remember a vintage like that – until now. The 2019 wines, from dry to classic style with natural grape sweetness are simply astonishing quality, which means 2019 is one of the greatest vintages of modern times and will be remembered for decades, possibility generations. STUART PIGOTT,

His Riesling and Pinot Noirs are now regulary among the Pfalz’s finest STEPHEN BROOK, Decanter
We sometimes wish more Pfalz producers shared the attitude of Steffen Christmann of the eponymous estate in Gimmeldingen (and also president of the VDP national quality producers association). “Great things happen on the edge of catastrophe,” he said very calmly. “With the scale and quality of our vineyards, we can dare to approach very close to catastrophe. STUART PIGOTT,

Anyone who does not know Fritz Hasselbach is not truly interested in German wine. Along with Ernie Loosen, he has done more to advance the cause of riesling abroad than the rest of the producers in Rheinhessen lumped together. JOEL B PAYNE, Vinous


Philipp Wittmann has become a legend in his own lifetime. His Rieslings have an alluring saltiness that draws you in, as well as purity and an inherent coolness. He is amongst Germany’s best. ANNE KREBIEHL MW The Wines of German
Even the simple estate-bottled riesling is serious wine at a bargain price. Moreover, the three finest dry rieslings are among the best produced in all of Germany. JOEL B PAYNE, Vinous

I always love this time of year. The arrival of three of my favourite producers of white wine. This year is a little more exciting than usual, if that is possible. The reason is that it is the much hyped 2019s that have just landed and, from what I have seen so far, that may be the best vintage I have seen in quite some time.

Now, before I go on it is worth adding a little note here about that last comment. Some of you will be thining “didn’t he say that a couple of years ago?”. Well, yes I did, thanks for noticing. As I mentioned with some previous 2019 offers the key point to take home is that Germany has had a string of great vintages, really since 2015 every release has been so good that in another era each would have been considered for one of the greatest years in any time period. What stands 2019 just ahead of the pack for me is the harmonious delivery of the best of these wines. The effortless marriage of power and raging energy. It is a year that is impossible not to love right out of the gate but all the wines, up and down the quality hierarchy, demonstrate the requisite stuffing to age well. Even at this, the “entry level” for producers of the quality that these are, the wines show ample promise to reward time in the cellar. Really, 2019 is something to behold.

I have written about/offered these three producers quite a bit over the years so I am not adding anything new when I say that the three of them are in my “must have” category and the quality they produce at all levels is something that many producers around the globe can only aspire to. Each of these comes highly recommended.

I have included the reviews from Stuart Pigott, the most respected Riesling reviewer globally, below as I think the high praise he has heaped on these three wines says more about the quality than I could. Great wines that are, in 2019 more than ever, insane value.

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