Tornatore Etna Rosso 2017

Tornatore is the new kid in town. I visited this relatively new name on Etna a few months ago and was blown away. MONICA LARNER

I love a new find. When you taste something from a producer you have never heard of and it is super. We taste so much booze it is easy to get a little jaded as you wade through the quagmire of ok, sub average or just good wines you need to look at to find something like this.

Now, clearly I didn’t discover this wine. I didn’t arrive on Mt Etna and plant a flag in their cellar door, proclaiming Tornatore on behalf of Prince Wine Store. There is, increasingly, plenty of press around for these and seemingly lots of fans. In fact we had stocked them at the store in the past and I just missed it. It was just a new experience for me and I hope it is the start of a beautiful relationship.

While the family’s history of viticulture in the region dates back centuries, it is really only in recent years that the estate has metamorphosed in to its current form, the first vintage under their eponymous label was in 2012.

Acquisitions from the early 2000s of some of the regions best plots by Giuseppe Tornatore proved to be an insightful move as he was well ahead of the curve in garnering these, now, highly sought after vineyards. Today it looks like his foresight and the recognition that the region was on the rise is paying dividends.

His 2017 Rosso is sensational. Super lively and oh so bright. It’s so enticing and so enjoyable that it almost feels frivolous. It isn’t, it’s a seriously good bottle of wine, it just happens to be playful and enlivening. Each mouthful makes you want to smile and reach for the glass again. This is one of the more wonderfully joyous little wines I have drunk in a while. I challenge anyone to open one of these and not devour the bottle. I struggled to not reach for a second bottle, the only thing that stopped me was that I only had one… don’t make the same bad choices I did, buy this by the dozen. To help facilitate that I have sharpened the pencil a bit and the six pack pricing is more than 20% off.

I can see this putting a smile on a whole lot of faces.