Trimbach Frederic Emile Cellar Offer 2021

Trimbach is the Riesling specialist par excellence. Their most famous examples are the revered Clos Ste Hune and Cuvée Frédéric Émile JANCIS ROBINSON MW

Trimbach is world-famous for its two iconic Rieslings, the Clos Ste. Hune and the Cuvée Fréderic Emile IAN D’AGATA, Vinous 

The Trimbach family continues to render some of the world’s finest Riesling; to uphold the principle that wine of Alsace (unless V.T.) should not taste sweet; to release wines only when they believe those wines say “it’s time”. DAVID SCHILDKNECHT, Wine Advocate

Last year in Alsace, it seemed producers couldn’t ask for anything more. Well then, how about two great vintages in a row? Winemakers are comparing 2008 to 2007 in terms of similar high quality, but with higher acidity and more of the classic style of Alsatian wines from 10 or 15 years ago, before average temperatures began to creep up. WINE SPECTACTOR

Pierre Trimbach rates 2007 as an outstanding vintage for Alsace. “I compare it to 2001,” he told me. STEPHEN TANZER

2008 – Racy dry whites that pair intense acidity and backbone with pure fruit flavors WINE SPECTATOR

What are the world’s greatest dry Rieslings (and by extension the greatest white wines on earth)? How do you even measure something like that? Can you really state this wine or that is the “best example”? No, probably not. We can however proffer some options and in my mind any list would have to include Frederic Emile.

I remember having a discussion with Michael and Alex, some years back, after tasting a new release of Freddy Emile and there was a kind of quiet chat about some memories of various vintages we had drunk of this wine over the years. Like remembering an old friend or reminiscing of the good old days. There is huge sentimental value attached to this wine for me but that attachment stems from many, many vintages, old and new (new for FE which is always released with a little age) which have ranged from excellent to downright incredible.

There really aren’t a hell of a lot of wines out there that I hold in the same high regard I do Frederic Emile and the reasons are simple. The quality here is consistently sensational. Each year the wine demonstrates its origins and its vintage with crystal clear and wonderfully obvious transparency. It ages gracefully and builds on its impeccable pedigree with time in the bottle, evolving and gaining in detail and interest yet, at their best, remaining the pure essence of freshness and vibrancy. Lastly, and this one is really important, it’s affordable. So many of the others in contention for the throne are wildly expensive and/or increasingly difficult to obtain these days. For some unknown but wonderful reason that has not yet happened here. Long may it continue.

So, with that being said I get to offer one of the more exciting parcels I have written about in a little while, a cellar release of Frederic Emile. These wines were shipped direct from the domaine and have been stored at the importers temperature controlled cellar since arriving. The provenance is perfect and this is a rare and remarkable opportunity to be able to secure two great vintages of one of the world’s most loved wines that are ready to go now. In saying that, both will also continue to do well in the cellar for an extended period if that is your want, though any bottles I get will not last long.

I have included the usual reviews below, those from when the wines were released but also I found some from more recent tastings to give you an idea how both are tracking.

Just a short comment on my thoughts on each of the wines, which I tasted together recently. The 2007 seems almost suspended in time, it is still minerally, driven and focused with only faint hints of more developed nuances beginning to show through with some air. It has built a little more fat which does control some of that bracingly fresh acidity. A great bottle of Riesling that would still benefit from some more time in the cellar but shows wonderfully with a little air.

The 2008 is still super primary, but here you can see a little more development. Those characters come across and wonderfully fresh hints of ginger flower and smoky minerality. The palate absolutely sizzles with pent up energy and it leaves your taste buds quivering. Still could use more time but it has a little more to give right now.

Great bracket and both live up to the very high standards I hold Frederic Emile too.

If my spiel above didn’t make it clear, I can’t recommend these two wines enough. These should make everyone happier and drinking them will make you a better, more enlightened, person.

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