Trimbach Frederic Emile Riesling 2012

.. Frédéric Emile, undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest dry Rieslings IAN D’AGATA, Vinous Media

As Hubert Trimbach puts it, ‘we are guardians of the traditional, classical approach to Riesling while some of our colleagues have switched to a style with more residual sweetness’. JANCIS ROBINSON

Alsace is a very special place for me, apart from being one of the best sources of Riesling in the world, it is fairy tale beautiful with a very rich and fractured past. Viticulture wise the region occupies a narrow stretch of land running north to south and sloping east off the foot of the Vosges Mountains. It is stitched in on the east by the Rhine river, which today is the shared natural border with Germany.

The unique microclimate is cool, with a long-dry growing season resulting in nervy white wines that carry both finesse and power. The achievable quality here has always been well understood by local winemakers, even when the wash of war, industrialisation and other factors have had their influence. Locals remained tied to the soils, even going further to map out Grand Cru vineyards from historically great sites.

Having said this a few key producers felt the Grand Cru system wasn’t strict enough in establishing world class quality. These producers went down the path of attributing the quality of their wines to the brand as opposed to the vineyards.  This is despite the fact that these icon wines are being crafted from the regions best sites.

Trimbach is one such family that helped Alsace establish a global following by utilising the strength of their name and the associated quality. 

One wine which has undoubtedly been instrumental in forging their reputation is the Cuvée Frederic Emile Riesling.  It is a blend of two Grand Cru Vineyards (Geisberg and the adjoining Osterberg) that overlook their Ribeauville based winery. The marriage of these two sites has helped define the Trimbach style over the years.  Dry, refined and powerful Rieslings that are able to age for decades.

2012 is an excellent vintage, classic is a word that is very often linked to it.  The wines whilst certainly not lacking acidy present more flesh and texture early on in its life. Giving us the opportunity of perhaps a broader drinking window to which to enjoy this vintages spoils. A case for the cellar and case for the wine rack.

In addition to the 750ml bottles, we also have access to half bottles and magnums.