Tuscany Celebration 2020

When I imagine a wine region, rolling verdant green hills, olive trees, endless blue skies, quiet little towns and grave vines planted everywhere, I am imagining Tuscany in spring. Few regions evoke the same kind of romanticism amongst wine folk as this central Italian region. It’s the Goldilocks wine area, everything is just right, scenery, people, food and of course the wine. Tuscany has it all and we are hoping to bring a little of that to South Melbourne with this event.

The region has had a string of successful years with only one hiccup, 2014, and a few truly great years in recent times. This tasting will focus on sumptuous 2017s, a year where, like much of Europe’s main wine growing regions, frost and drought resulted in much smaller yields. The warmer vintage has lent the best wines a degree of upfront pleasure and sheer drinkability that you cant help but enjoy.

Along with these lovely 2017s we will be showing a number of the “Big Guns” from 2016, a year that many regard as one of the all times greats. 2016 was a vintage that has delivered some of the most stunning examples of various Tuscan communes we have seen in recent times. Soaring aromatics, deeply pitched profiles and supportive tannins. Harmonious is the catch phrase of 16 Tuscany for me.

There is a bevy of great wines on show that should deliver huge appeal to a lot of people and, of course, provide that all important Tuscan attribute of being ideal food wines. It is a great line with the likes of Querciabella, Duemani, Petrolo, San Filippo, Felsina, Rocca di Montegrossi, Le Macchiole, Uccelliera, Ornellaia, Castello dei Rampolla and many more.