Vajra Dolcetto dAlba 2018 Offer

By now I have run out of superlatives for Vajra. Suffice it to say these are some of the finest, artisan wines being made in Piedmont today. At a time when prices for so many wines are skyrocketing out of control, Vajra’s prices are a breath of fresh air. My only regret is not having bought these wines more heavily in the past. ANTONIO GALLONI

It is a funny thing writing something like this. How do I get across how good this wine is and the tremendous value it represents? I think a lot of our customers by now are aware of the stellar quality of their Baroli and a huge number of people purchased their 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo recently so I think the word is out that Vajra is firmly among the region’s top producers.

Right now there is a lot of talk around the 2016 vintage, which is undoubtably one of the great years for Nebbiolo in the region, but for a lot of fans of Piedmonts wines we are starting to see a swathe of super Barbera and Dolcetto 2018s. For whatever reason Dolcetto is not on a lot of people’s radar when they are looking for wines to enjoy with friends and food. It’s something I genuinely find baffling. Along with its cousin Barbera these two varieties form the staple of day to day drinking if you are in the region. If you want a wine with lunch you buy Dolcetto. If you are going out to drink with some friends and need a bottle of wine it’s Dolcetto. If you need something to drink for dinner at home with family its Dolcetto. The wines, at their best, are almost ideally suited to daily consumption and they remain one of Italy’s best value varieties.

With that all being said the Vajra 2018 Dolcetto d’Alba is absolutely gorgeous. It’s succulent and bursting with character. Thoroughly, utterly delicious in its gently enticing, lip smacking, sweetly fruited character that is punctuated by some subtle florals and baking spices. This is the kind of wine that feels like it was designed to be consumed with reckless abandon. You pour a glass, drink the bottle and reach for the next one. I loved it. It left me hankering a bowl of tajarin (a type of pasta you really only see in the region) and, as I said, a second bottle which I didn’t have on hand, let that be a lesson to everyone, don’t run out. Buy a dozen and have it on hand when you need it.