Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo Langhe 2017 Offer

I can’t think of too many estates in Piedmont that have raised the bar higher than Vietti has over the last decade or so. Virtually every wine that emerges from these cellars is outstanding, and many are profound. Winemaker Luca Currado, his brother-in-law Mario Cordero and their staff have taken the early groundbreaking work of Alfredo and Lucia Currado and built upon those successes, reaching an unprecedented level of consistency and quality across their entire range. ANTONIO GALLONI

The Perbacco is made entirely from Barbaresco and Barolo designated fruit, which is truly remarkable at this level. ANTONIO GALLONI

Many Barolo producers would kill for a wine like this… Vietti’s Perbacco is made from Barolo-designated parcels that don’t meet the qualitative standard for the estate’s multi-cru Barolo Castiglione. Perbacco is for all practical purposes a Barolo, but because it its bottled two months earlier than regulations permit, the wine is sold as Langhe Nebbiolo. ANTONIO GALLONI

Perbacco means surprise in the local dialect. While that may have made sense back when this wine was first released I don’t see how it works anymore, it is never a surprise to me or anyone who knows this wine that it usually comes in swinging at Barolo level and often better than a lot of wines labelled that way.

The key point to make is that all of the fruit for this is from Barolo and Barbaresco designated vineyards which many, or every, other producer would label and sell that way. the extensive holdings at Luca’s disposal means they can choose to be extremely picky when it comes to things like this. The other important point is that the wine doesn’t spend quite long enough in vat to be legally labelled as either. That is a very deliberate decision on their part to ensure that while you get, essentially, a Barolo level wine you also get the upfront pleasure and drinkability from the shorter elevage.

Vietti Perbacco remains one of the world’s best value wines for me. Consistently and over many years it has delivered something that provides a real glimpse in to one of Italy’s greatest estates for very little hip pocket damage. It is by no means an “entry level” wine, rather it is the least expensive example from one of the styles modern day masters. This year’s offering, the 2017, is one of the more joyfully drinkable examples in recent times.

I know this wine already has a massive following amongst our customers but for anyone not yet on board the Perbacco train 2017 is the perfect place to begin. I don’t think anyone could not love this wine. Buy some to drink now and, if it is your thing, put some away for a few years. You can’t go wrong here, especially at more than 20% discount in six packs or dozens.