Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo Langhe 2018

I can’t think of too many estates in Piedmont that have raised the bar higher than Vietti has over the last decade or so. Virtually every wine that emerges from these cellars is outstanding, and many are profound. Winemaker Luca Currado, his brother-in-law Mario Cordero and their staff have taken the early ground breaking work of Alfredo and Lucia Currado and built upon those successes, reaching an unprecedented level of consistency and quality across their entire range. ANTONIO GALLONI

This is the finest, most complete set of wines I have ever tasted from Vietti. Congratulations. MONICA LARNER, 2020

Many Barolo producers would kill for a wine like this… Vietti’s Perbacco is made from Barolo-designated parcels that don’t meet the qualitative standard for the estate’s multi-cru Barolo Castiglione. Perbacco is for all practical purposes a Barolo, but because it its bottled two months earlier than regulations permit, the wine is sold as Langhe Nebbiolo. ANTONIO GALLONI

The prodigal son returns. Does the reference work? Maybe not, but I wanted to use it and couldn’t find a better opportunity. Vietti Perbacco, what a wine! This has to be one of the most consistent overachievers in the Italian wine scene. Every year this “Langhe” Nebbiolo delivers something with enough presence and gravitas to put a lot of producers more prestigious wines to shame.

Not really much of a surprise anymore. I mean, it has been punching at this level for a long time. My admiration of Luca and his team for being able to produce a wine of this quality, at this price, this consistently is huge. I guess they have found the “recipe”. Vineyards situated in Barolo, and a little now in Barbaresco, that could be bottled and produced as such. Each parcel matured, in Slavonian casks, separately, some may be used for their Castiglione, and then blended with an eye on immediacy and enjoyability but also ensuring Perbacco has the stuffing to age if required.

Really it is a baby Barolo and it certainly looks, smells and drinks like one. The 2018 model is built for pleasure. There have been a string of particularly strong releases of Perbacco, commencing with the 2015. Each of them though is unique and different enough that they not only provide plenty of drinking enjoyment but also represent their vintages and offer interest to those of us who love to see the vicissitudes of the season play out in the glass.