Vilmart New arrivals

Vilmart & Cie. is not only one of the greatest grower-estates in Champagne, but one of the finest champagne producers of any type in the region. PETER LIEM,

Proprietor Laurent Champs makes some of the most elegant, refined wines in Champagne. All of the wines are aged in oak ranging from large, neutral casks to small barriques, some of which are new for the top selections. Few producers have been able to find such impeccable balance using oak. A hint of Ramonet here, a suggestion of Leflaive there….simply put, these are majestic wines that no one who loves fine Champagne will want to be without. ANTONIO GALLONI,

Vilmart is among my favorite houses that have mastered the difficult challenge of delivering an elegant and full-flavored Champagne with finesse. If you don’t know the house, do yourself a favor and give one of the cuvées a try, you’ll thank me for the suggestion. BURGHOUND

If a visit with the articulate and passionately quality-conscious Laurent Champs – or even “just” the tasting of his wines – doesn’t leave you inspired about the future of Champagne, then I don’t know what that would take. DAVID SCHILKNECHT, The Wine Advocate

One is in no doubt, when chatting and tasting with the affable Laurent Champs of Champagne Vilmart, that one is in the presence of a very assured and gifted winemaker, a visionary in the mould of his close friend Anselme Selosse. Berry Bros & Rudd


Grower Champagne has grown in stature in the hearts, minds and cellars of Australian drinkers in recent years and while we have been excited to introduce drinkers to the Champagnes of Pierre Peters, Jerome Prevost, Jacques Selosse and Larmandier Bernier to name a few, I can tell you that Laurent Champs’ Vilmart Champagnes from the Montagne de Reims are the next stars hiding in our midst.

Their brilliance may have remained relatively undiscovered in Australia to date, aside from some of our more savvy buyers, but among the world’s finest palates their brilliance is wholeheartedly agreed upon. The glowing testimonials above from Antonio Galloni, to Allen Meadows (Burghound) and Peter Liem, speak loudly to the quality of these transcendent Champagnes.

Laurent Champs signature is a savant like touch with oak which will confound what you think of oak-aged Champagnes. Here the oak is not a seasoning, but a way to build layer upon layer of texture and richness which he masterfully balances with a taut spidery thread of acidity, delivering Champagnes brimming with finesse, energy and deep vinous character. As Antonio Galloni puts it so aptly “…these are majestic wines that no one who loves fine Champagne will want to be without.”

Today, we have three Champagnes on offer. The Grand Reserve, a perfect introduction to the idiosyncratic style of Vilmart with Pinot Noir taking up the lion’s share of the assemblage. Grand Cellier flips the assemblage in Chardonnay’s favour and dials things up a notch, delivering a Champagne of vigour, generosity and power. The final Champagne is Vilmart’s Vintage Rose now called “Emotion”, which Galloni has labelled a ‘total stunner’, commenting on the beautiful balance between elegance and power.