Vini Franchetti Passopisciaro Contrade 2017 Offer

Franchetti is well-known as the owner of Tuscany’s Tenuta di Trinoro. His Sicilian estate, formerly known as Passopisciaro, has done wonders for the Etna denomination and has the merit (along with Benanti , who first attracted attention to the area, and Tenuta delle Terre Nere, who helped further crystallize it later) of having launched Etna’s wines into to the stratosphere. The wines are sultry, highly perfumed and profound. IAN D’AGATA, Vinous Media

My tasting of Andrea Franchetti’s Etna wines was a revelation. Not so much for the quality of the wines that is and has always been beyond reproach, but for the full circle philosophical metamorphosis that they represent. Here you have the man who, in terms of its international appeal, invented the concept of Etna wine. He (and Marco De Grazia) brought the volcano to the world wine stage. No other vintner, not even his frenemy Marco De Grazia can boast such a collection of wines. They delve deep into the inner workings of single vineyard understanding. Magically, Franchetti has reinvented himself to be, once again, ahead of the pack. MONICA LARNER, The Wine Advocate

Passopisciaro, now labelled Vini Franchetti, are without doubt one of the leading lights of Mt Etna’s stunning viticultural landscape.  Owner and founder Andrea Franchetti, first made the move to the north side of this live volcano in the year 2000.  He was one of the early believers in the old, dry grown, Nerello Mascalese vines that dotted the mountainside.   Today he owns 28 hectares across five single vineyards, or as they marked here: Contrada’s. Each vintage the best expression of each of these contrada’s are bottled and released creating a vinous map of the region marking the intricacies of each site as we climb the slope of Mt Etna whilst laying down a timeline for the regions steady ascension to the top of the Italian wine tree.   The average vine age for these wines are between 90 & 100 years old, with yields coming in at between 13 & 30 Hl / Hectare.

This past year, the reports for these wines reached a new benchmark, with notable critics mentioning the overall quality is at an all time high. Solidifying the idea that this region has turned a corner, from an up and comer to one that has developed breadth, depth.

Passopisciaro remain leaders of the region, their wines carrying a depth of flavour and silky texture that is almost uniquely theirs.  As vintage 2017 was hot, but the most striking aspect for me is that the density of fruit and aromatics are well matched to the underlying structure. Meaning these wines are not only ‘balanced’ but they’ve retained great finesse and aromatic complexity.