William Fevre Chablis 2018 Big Guns Offer

they are among the best wines of the vintage. BURGHOUND

There really is no better place to get a read on Chablis than Fèvre because the range is so vast. Readers will find wines with tons of energy, freshness and verve, all typical of a classic vintage for Chablis. ANTONIO GALLONI, Vinous 2020

As I wrote last year, fresh, tensile wines that are classical in style have been the watchword at the 78-hectare Domaine William Fèvre for more than a decade. Even at this early stage, the 2018s look like a success, and director Didier Séguier and his team richly deserve all the accolades they’ve received for achieving such consistent quality on such an important scale. WILLIAM KELLEY, Wine Advocate 2019

The end result of ‘the Chablis difference’, for the drinker, is that there is a greater level of consistency within Chablis than elsewhere in Burgundy. Every level of Chablis offers fine-value terroir wine, mouthwatering and unique, with a little canny buying; even Petit Chablis can be memorable in a way that its Côte d’Or equivalent, the Hautes Côtes, struggles to match. ANDREW JEFFORD, Decanter Magazine

While I have only tasted the AC Chablis so far, the rest of these wines are due to arrive in the next few days, if you use that as a barometer then this should prove to be a spectacular bracket from William Fevre. The regular Chablis was a recent standout for me, my notes on the wine open with “trim, taught and terrific. An AC Chablis of intense character and sizzling minerality”.

Certainly Meadows reviews and comments below would suggest that Fevre has, once again, made some of the wines of the vintage. His thoughts are backed up by Galloni and Martin on Vinous and Kelley on Wine Advocate but you can’t include all the reviews. Needles to say it is seemingly uniform praise for the 18s of this grand estate.

In the last decade or so Fevre has returned to its rightful place at the absolute pinnacle of the region and is showing no signs of slipping any time soon. While the quality is superb here the one thing that hasn’t risen in a while is the cost. Considering just how remarkable these wines are it is remarkable that they remain at these prices.