Yann Chave 2017 La Rouvre Offer

Yann Chave said that one of the great attractions of the 2017 vintage “is the round tannins, which are already working well with the fruit” in the wines. For that reason, Chave, who is a proponent of drinking his wines on the young side, “before the fruit dies away,” is quite a fan of the vintage while admitting that the wines are built on a larger scale than usual. JOSH RAYNOLDS, vinous

This has been a rather overlooked domaine for many years.  But it has been completely revitalised by one of the best young men to appear in the northern Rhone in the past dozen years, Yann Chave. JOHN LIVINGSTONE-LEARMONTH, The Wines of the Northern Rhone

I continue to love these wines from Yann Chave. He makes a rock-solid white and two reds from Crozes Hermitage (the le Rouvre being the top cuvee) and a small amount of Hermitage. They’re all loaded with character and highly recommended. JEB DUNNUCK, The Wine Advocate

Yann Chave continues to produce wines that fit with his ethos of pleasure first. The Recipe isn’t complicated, old vines from the best sites and made in a style that captures freshness and regionality without encumbering the wine with too much artifice.

In just about every interview with him he mentions his penchant for drinking the wines on the younger side, though he will admit that they do age well if that is your bent. He opines that his wines are a joy to drink in their relative youth and they are  “more fun to get into them on the young side” and that ““I like to keep a strong eye on pleasure”.

For us we can certainly see his point, his fruitful and plump expressions of Crozes are always so enjoyable when they arrive and I know I tend to have difficulty keeping my hands off them but certainly do age well and gain extra dimension. I lean towards more youthful wines anyway, a little bottle age is always better than too much, Yann’s wines fit perfectly in to that sweet spot for me as they are thoroughly enjoyable right out of the gate and only improve from there.

Yann makes three distinctly different wines but my preference tends towards La Rouvre which is aged exclusively in older 600L barrels and the fruit is entirely destemmed (keeping to his pleasure first methodology). This remains his estates flagship, while the Hermitage probably gets more attention, and slides right in to the zone of pure drinkability yet holds on to a degree of seriousness you just cant avoid from vineyards of this quality.

Josh Raynolds goes so far as to suggest that the 2017 may be “the most impressive rendition of this consistently outstanding bottling Chave has ever made” and we are excited to have it just in time to offer our customers as the weather cools down, perfect Crozes timing.

We are offering the wine at $75 each in a six pack which is 25% off. Making it, I think, one of the best value Syrah of its calibre to be found.