Yarra Yering 2018 Offer

Sarah Crowe was appointed winemaker after the ’13 vintage. She has made red wines of the highest imaginable quality right from her first vintage in ’14, and to the delight of many, myself included, has offered all the wines with screwcaps. For good measure, she introduced the ’14 Light Dry Red Pinot Shiraz as a foretaste of that vintage, and an affirmation of the exceptional talent recognised by her being named Winemaker of the Year in the Wine Companion. JAMES HALLIDAY

The rise and rise of Sarah Crowe is writ large in her work at Yarra Yering, where she has made innovation a keystone, as well as carrying on the legacy of this significant producer. MIKE BENNIE

…the best Shiraz vintage I’ve had in my seven years at Yarra Yering. SARAH CROWE

I remember when Sarah Crowe released her first wines as Chief Winemaker at Yarra Yering. It is no easy task for any winemaker stepping in as steward of an estate as rich in history as Yarra Yering. The brief as I understand it has always been to retain to character of the wines and to act as a custodian, more than a creative director, which can leave little wiggle room for an ambitious winemaker.

I had always held the estate in high regard but to be honest, I had fallen out of love with the wines at that point, finding them a little wild and woolly around the edges and lacking a little precision and clarity. So when I tasted those initial releases I was astonished. Sarah had produced a set of wines with remarkable purity and poise while losing none of that Yarra Yering thumbprint. The wines had been given new life and Yarra Yering it seemed had been reborn.

The accolades followed with Sarah deservedly being awarded a ‘Winemaker of the Year’ gong and now, with a few more vintages under her belt, we can safely say that those debut releases were no fluke. Today, Yarra Yering’s wines are the best they have ever been, this founding estate producing wines of a quality befitting their remarkable history.

So with that in mind we are excited to offer you the latest vintage releases from this storied estate. Sarah Crowe believes that 2018 was the ‘best shiraz vintage’ she has seen in her seven years at Yarra Yering, Campbell Mattinson believes the 2018 Dry Red No 2 to be in ‘impeccable form’ and Tyson Stelzer calls the 2018 Dry Red No 1 ‘breathtaking’. In short this is a stellar line up wines from Sarah Crowe which, true to style, will provide great enjoyment in the short term but at their heart are wines which relish some time in the cellar.