Yeringberg 2017 Release

Yeringberg is as about as far from a hi-tech glitzy modern winery as you could get, but it is a place full of history and charm, and the wines have a loyal following. JAMIE GOODE

Elegance is the keyword: the wines are medium bodied at best and moderate in alcohol. Fine boned, subtle, well-balanced, very drinkable wines are the end result. And the better vintages age beautifully for at least 25 years. DECANTER


The story of Yeringberg and the de Pury family started in the Yarra Valley in 1863. They have maintained unpretentious excellence in winemaking and farming for over 150 years.

Fourth generation siblings, Sandra and David, continue the legacy today. They are humble farmers, no doubt, who make exceptional wines and have been around long enough to know how to learn from climate patterns and adapt in time. They are constantly advancing their farm to prepare for quality fruit and production. Currently they are involved in preparations to plant a new Pinot Noir vineyard, which will be “future-proof” and will make sure their quantity of quality grapes remains. They’ve done this by taking dormant buds from Old-vine Pinot on the land and grafting them onto rootstock.

The de Purys strive to make better wine every vintage and they are constantly improving everything from vineyard management to bottling. The 2017 vintage was pretty cool, the kind that yields elegance and detail among experienced growers. Another cracker of a vintage from the Yeringberg clan.

There are already some excellent reviews on the vintage, which I’ve included below. I am happy to offer 15% off the retail price. As always with Yeringberg our allocation is small, so to avoid disappointment I suggest getting your orders in soon.