Zind Humbrecht Pinot Blanc 2019

2019 is probably the best vintage for the dry whites – historically Alsace’s most important wines – in decades. STUART PIGOTT, jamessuckling.com

I admire Olivier Humbrecht’s unceasing quest for quality immensely and he has succeeded in making many luscious, intense and attention-grabbing wines. JANCIS ROBINSON MW
I don’t know what is more mind-boggling, the quality of Domaine Zind-Humbrecht’s wines or Olivier Humbrecht’s complete dedication to quality. This tall, powerful, and intellectual man may well be the finest winemaker in the world. WINE ADVOCATE
Arguably Alsace’s most famous domain, Zind-Humbrecht benefits from owning vines in a slew of outstanding grand crus, but the estate’s entry-level wines are often outstanding too. If you were to ask any serious wine expert for his or her list of the top white wine estates in the world today, Alsace’s Domaine Zind-Humbrecht would nearly always be among those included. IAN D’AGATA, Vinous

Dear Roscoe

The two greatest winery visits of my career includes the pilgrimage Michael and I made to Humbrecht in 2019. Trying to convey how impressive that visit was is beyond me. I can, however, attempt to explain why it made such an impression.

In the wine game you visit a lot of estates of varying levels and it is easy, after a while, to become a little jaded. It’s another barrel room. It’s another press. It’s another sorting table etc etc. The estates that stound out most, obviously, are those with the greatest wines and few estates in the world can claim the track record of Humbrecht in that regard. There are other things though, little details that lead you to think that the reason their wines may have that little extra something compared to some other grand estates. So profound was that experience here that I left feeling a sense of awe at the attention to detail, the focus, the obvious restless drive for perfection that is evident in every single aspect of the estate.

It was a behemoth tour of the winery and tasting of the range. Every question was answered honestly and in an insightful and carefully considered manner. The amount of information was a little overwhelming but it was obvious that our host was simply trying to convey their dedication to both the wines and the land that cared for and worked with. A remarkable visit.

Olivier’s story is probably pretty well known to many consumers today. He took over his family estate, began to aggressively acquire as many of the best plots in the region as possible. Converted to biodynamics at a time when people still mocked producers for doing so. He was (I am pretty sure) the first Frenchman to get his MW. He hasn’t stopped, or even slowed a little, from his early days in his single minded pursuit of excellence in everything he does. His dedication to his craft has paid off in spectacular fashion and he now reigns supreme in the region.

I am regularly instructed by our glorious leader (Michael) to stop “burying the lead” with my long winded stories. Pretty hard not to get excited when writing about these wines though. For me they are as thrilling as anything else produced anywhere.

So, here is the story. This is super delicious. It’s a wine that has a bit of a rabid following with our customers as, over the years, I think it has come to represent some of the best value aromatic (ish) white wine on the market. It’s something that we have been stocking and drinking for years now.

In good vintages the wine is excellent, in 2019 (the greatest vintage in many years) it’s better than a lot of contenders at much higher prices. Perhaps the inclusion of fruit from Herrenweg and Rotenberg Vineyards helps add that extra something special? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some cerebral wine to enjoy over a luxurious lockdown lunch while contemplating the meaning of life. If this bottle lasts through a lunch I would be surprised. This is a wine to enjoy. A wine to drink and revel in the utter enjoyability it brings. It’s wonderful juice, its super food friendly AND it is cheap as chips.

With the sun slowly making its way back out this is the perfect time to start drinking these kind of wines. Great spring and summer table wine that can be, and should be, consumed with reckless abandon. For only $27 each, that’s 25% off in a dozen, this is guilt free pleasure.


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