Zind Humbrecht's Smashable Alsatian Pinot Blanc 2018

I don’t know what is more mind-boggling, the quality of Domaine Zind-Humbrecht’s wines or Olivier Humbrecht’s complete dedication to quality. This tall, powerful, and intellectual man may well be the finest winemaker in the world. ROBERT PARKER, The Wine Advocate

Back in 2019 we announced that we had officially launched our partnership with Alsace’s most iconic domaine, Zind-Humbrecht. The wines crafted by Olivier Humbrecht and his team are widely regarded as the pinnacle of quality for aromatic white wines, not just within the borders of their own region but globally.
Before becoming their sole importer in to Australia we had been offering these wines to our customers for many years as each and every one of the team at PWS is a fan. Of all the wines in this enviable stable the one that has resonated most with our community over this time is his Pinot Blanc. The reason is simple, we think, the Blanc provides everything you expect from Humbrecht with his tell tale texture and richness of fruit along with that clarity and brightness and it delivers it all for $25 a bottle.

In our mind this remains one of the great value white wines on the world and with that being said we are offering it on a once off deal of more than 25% off in straight six packs and more than 30% off in straight dozens. Transforming a wine that was fantastic value for the quality it provides in to an unbeatable deal. A wine from one of the greatest wine estates on the planet for $25, we think it’s a no brainer and just what the doctor ordered.