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March Premium 6-pack 2021 - The Heart of Italy

March Premium 6-pack 2021 - The Heart of Italy
Selected by Prince Wine & Spirits

It would be hard to deny that Italy's beating heart is Tuscany. The beautiful rolling hills, green forest and majestic homesteads are steeped in history and quintessentially Italian. The wines reflect its gentle warmth and proud heritage while coasting comfortably into the hands of it's next generation of wine lovers and winemakers.

This pack is a snapshot of the state of play in Tuscany covering the full gambit of this incredible region. From super-Tuscan blends, classics from the Chianti hills as well some beautifully enigmatic wines from the warm coast this is a wonderfully Tuscan treat.

Where to start!? So many great wines but let's begin with a modern classic: Felsina. This has just arrived in country and is true to its ever-consistent form. The 2018 is lovely and open from the get-go with a wonderful purity of fruit and plenty of immediate appeal. This one is a no-brainer, and let be honest, that is usually the case.

The Pordere Le Boncie wines are a bit of a gem in the rough and while not so well known as other more famous 'versions' of similar wines they are captivating and graceful. Sourced outside the Chianti Classico Zone they are labelled IGT but would easily and happily pass as the former in style and in make up.

Still in Tuscany we are now looking at two 'Super-Tuscan" blends. First the Petrolo Torrione is a mix of mainly sangiovese and a touch cabernet and merlot from superstar winemaker Carlo Ferrini.and one of Tuscany's most remarkable estates. Sensual, plush and wonderfully poised this is a perfect example of why these styles of wines have become so huge.

Next up we have the Tenuta San Guido le Diffesse. This eponymous estate produces some of the worlds most famous wines and while this is its entry level it is far from basic. The blend is the counter to Torrione with about 80% cabernet and the rest made up of sangiovese. It's such a classy wine and the pedigree shows. There are few places that make cabernet this good and this would give most a run for their money.

Now we move a little closer to the Tuscan coast with the Siro Pacenti's Rosso di Montalcino. We are back to 100% sangiovese here but the famous Brunello clone. The Pacenti estate is essentially two estate in one with the older estate in the north providing most of the fruit for the wines. The 2016 is explosive with plenty of depth and weight showing the broodier side of sangiovese. An impressive wine.

Last, we finish with what is possibly one of the greatest wines of its kind: the Duemani Cifra. While this may be a bold statement in context it may make more sense. Outside of Bordeaux there is few 100% cabernet franc wines with the sheer depth and quality that you see in the wines of Duemani. If you have not tried this wine before then here is your opportunity to try one of the greats!