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Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018

Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018 - Prince Wine Store

Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018

Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018 – Reviewers liked the 2017- this is better PAT CARMODY

Craiglee Vineyard Shiraz with some viognier in it. Huzzah! MIKE BENNIE, Wine Front

finding a Cornas or Hermitage with the same finesse and complexity as a good Craiglee Shiraz would be a frighteningly expensive exercise MAX ALLEN

Pat and Dianne Carmody are what you might call salts of the earth, and make literally exceptional wines that have an unusual capacity to age JANCIS ROBINSON MW

A winery with a proud 19th-century record, Craiglee recommenced winemaking in 1976 after a prolonged hiatus. Produces one of the finest cool climate Shirazs in Australia, redolent of cherry, licorice and spice. JAMES HALLIDAY

Senior Pat Carmody wouldn’t be what most people would call boastful, or even forthcoming with praise when it comes to his own wines, from my experience anyway. He has always seemed like one (this raises a really good side point actually, I have not seen the fella in way too long) to say his piece and then let you decide. So, a comment like this from the great man ‘Palate is turbo-charged. Fresh, slinky, grown-up wine with density, chew and generous deliciousness. Reviewers liked the 2017- this is better.’ Makes you take a second to think about stuff.

Not claiming to be a “reviewer” but I was definitely one of those folk who really loved the 17. If anyone has either the time or inclination and want’s to review what I wrote feel free, you would need to be very bored but who am I to tell you how to spend your day? The short of it was this, for both the JADV and his regular Shiraz, they reminded me a good bit of some of the older wines from Pat, the kinds of Criaglee I was buying 20 years ago. Following the bigger more ripe and forward 2016 (which was also terrific) it was a great contrast in styles and seasons. I will stand by my praise of his 2017s, but to the salient point here, what about the 2018? Glad you asked.

Well, I don’t know if better is the word I would use, not that I am arguing the point with Pat, in fact the very idea is terrifying, but they are different. I think people who know me or read my emails enough know that I don’t put too much faith is scores and the like, I think so long as there is no qualitative difference, which is the case here, then style comes in to it as does personal preference AND the all important notion of terroir. Loving a wine every year because of its differences and because it highlights a season and it’s place of origin. To see these differences every year is what makes wine special. It most certainly is what makes Craiglee so remarkable.

The 2018 delivers a little more upfront pleasure and immediacy. I think it’s a more “lovable” wine, something you want to pour a big glass of and sink in to it. Unlike the 2017 I reckon this has a lot more mass appeal, more “come on just drink me” going for it. Still, I wouldn’t feel the need to rush in and drink it all in the next few months, it has a good handful of years before it should be on full display, but I doubt any would last that long here. For a somewhat less cryptic description you can read my thoughts below.

It has just been released and I don’t see any reviews around yet, to be honest I don’t think that, after all these years, that really matters here. People know Craiglee and are aware of just how good this JADV is on each release. It gets a big old tick of approval from me.

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Reviewers liked the 2017- this is better PAT CARMODY

  1. Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018
    Craiglee Shiraz JADV 2018

    Luminous deep purple/crimson colour. Floral - mixed spices, dark cherry and blackberry; whisper of iodine and juniper. Palate is turbo-charged. Cloves, pepper, dark fruits, iron. Fresh, slinky, grown-up wine with density, chew and generous deliciousness. Reviewers liked the 2017- this is better PAT CARMODY

    It feels like a more lustrous version of Craiglee.  The style is a bit more forthcoming, the fruit a little bit juicier and sweeter. It's cool, minty, fruitful and primary in its delivery. I drank it over dinner with a burger and I loved every drop of it. With air that pepper element poked out a bit more, as did the perfumed viognier. The fruit is slippery and slick and the tannins barely detectable until it's had time to open up. When it does yield way to those tannins they are shapely and well formed and not really intrusive, more a subtle supportive background element. Beautifully handled.
    Lovely. I really think this JADV is getting better every release. ROSCOE


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