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Fritz Haag Kabinett 2020 Offer

Fritz Haag Kabinett 2020 Offer - Prince Wine Store

Fritz Haag Kabinett 2020 Offer

‘…a good German riesling from the Mosel region is like no other riesling in the world. It is simply one of wine’s singular glories. ERIC ASIMOV, newyorktimes.com

The Estate produced a hugely convincing collection in 2020 which shines through its highlights in all stylistic directions… The off-dry wines are beautifully playful and the fruity-styled wines subtly creamy yet wrapped into the great sense of lightness that has made the success of the Estate over the years’ moselfinewines.com, September 2021


Lightness, filigree and purity are words that came to mind when tasting the Fritz Haag Braunberg Kabinett Riesling 2020 last week. This historic house in the heart of the Mosel is renowned for wines of impeccable balance. There’s always an airiness to the wines, like biting into fairy floss. And this Kabinett was true to the Haag style and incredibly delicious.

Brauneberg Juffer is a commanding vineyard. In German acuity, Brauenberg means brown mountain, referring to the colour of soil here (there’s also blue slate) and Juffer takes its name from the three sisters who owned and worked the vineyards in the late 1800s. These ladies chose to work their vineyard over marriage and built up an incredible reputation for the wines, both at home and abroad.

Oliver Haag is now the custodian, having been in charge for over a decade, he’s picked up the baton where his revered father Wilhelm left off, and he hasn’t skipped a beat.

With spring and a newly found freedom upon us, this is a glorious wine to sip and catch up with friends. It’s so complete James Suckling called it ‘an ideal partner for conversation.’ Its off-dry nature teeters on the edge of minerality and its purity is captivating. This has it all.

New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov sums up the beauty of Kabinett riesling, ‘In my ideal world, the wine in the glass I raise each year to the coming of spring is a Mosel Kabinett riesling. It is a wine of gorgeous delicacy, as fragile as the petals on those first tentative blossoms yet possessing a tensile strength that comes of perfect balance. It is a captured moment, evocative more than impressive, fleeting rather than penetrating, whispered nuance, not high volume.’

So while it’s a perfect glass to share with friends you haven’t seen for a while, it will also make a classic addition to your cellar. The scholarly journal Mosel Fine Wines succinctly captures the 2020 vintage, ‘2020 is all about filigreed ripeness with some stunning wines with lightness and finesse not seen in a decade.’ Comparisons are being made to the great vintages of 2002, 2004 and 2008.

We’re offering this for two weeks at $49 each in a 6 pack buy. Buy six to drink now and six for your cellar. You’ll be very glad you did.

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'wonderful lightness and mineral freshness,' JAMES SUCKLING 

  1. Fritz Haag  Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2020
    Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2020

    Did somebody say aperitif? Effusive white-peach, honeysuckle and vanilla-bean aromas pour from the glass of this Kabinett. A very juicy wine with wonderful lightness and mineral freshness. An ideal partner for conversation. Drink or hold. Screw cap. JAMES SUCKLING, jamessuckling.com

    It offers a beautifully aromatic and ripe yet elegant nose of yellow peach, pear, orange blossom, apricot flower, grapefruit, cardamom, and bergamot. The wine coats the palate with ample juicy and ripe yet fresh yellow fruits and leaves a fresh and nicely zesty feel in the fruity-styled and comparatively light and truly Kabinett-styled finish. This Kabinett proves superbly fruity and, at the same time, beautifully structured. THE MOSEL REPORT


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