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Rizzi Barbaresco Crus 2018 and 2019

Rizzi Barbaresco Crus 2018 and 2019 - Prince Wine Store

Rizzi Barbaresco Crus 2018 and 2019

The first 2019 Barbarescos I have tasted point to an outstanding vintage that has the potential to be superb. ANTONIO GALLONI, vinous.com

While the 2018 Barbarescos are ready now, they will hold up for at least half a decade and probably more. This should allow the recovering international market to discover and enjoy them and give wine lovers the chance to discover one of the world’s greatest grape varieties at its most pleasurable without having to invest in years of patience. WALTER SPELLING, jancisrobinson.com

Rizzi is making focused, terroir-driven Barbaresco loaded with finesse. Bravo! KERIN O’KEEFE, The Wine Enthusiast

When you are faced with a dynamic reality, full of potential and with solid management, you realize it: this is the case with Rizzi and the results are confirming it. Brother and sister team Enrico and Jole Dellapiana are a formidable team, Enrico is the heart and mind of the vineyard and cellar, Jole has the business acumen. Together they are bringing the company founded by father Ernesto to the “Olympus” of the appellation, presenting better wines every year. SLOW WINE 2020


Based in the cool and sloping hills of Treiso in Barbaresco, the wines of Rizzi articulate their origins through their eloquent and detailed Barbarescos. Preferring classicism over brawn, they beautifully express their sites.

Each visit we’re more impressed and thankful to have them in our portfolio. Rizzi fans will have heard Michael wax lyrical about them for many years, remember this… ‘I have said it so many times I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it, but Cantine Rizzi are crafting some of the region’s most pure, traditionally made and wonderfully expressive renderings of Nebbiolo from their family estate perched alone atop a hill than almost anyone in the wider Barbaresco region.’

Somehow they are bringing more clarity and light to the offerings with each vintage. Our recent visit in March this year confirms this. The 2018s are transparent and pure, they speak to the cooler vintage. They’re finely styled and delicious to drink in their youth. While the 2019s need time, they’re more gregarious and structured, a warmer vintage built tannins and flavour but good diurnal shifts imbued freshness, leading to a later harvest.

These are amongst the best value Barbarescos made. Enrico shuns critics, he’d rather be in the vineyard or cellar working on the wines. They did mention when we were there that prices will be on the rise for upcoming vintages to cover higher costs. Here’s your chance to secure a brilliant clutch of affordable 2018 and 2019 wines

They’re quality obsessed, each wine comes from a cru – including their Barbaresco Classico (which is from Rizzi). Just to be clear, Rizzi is a Cru and also the name of the Cantina as it sits atop the Rizzi Cru. In the winery, they combine modernity with tradition. Stainless is used for fermentation to capture the individual characteristics before the wines are transferred to large Slavonian oak botte for maturation.

To recap they have three crus within the Treiso sub-region of Barbaresco from which they make three wines:

Rizzi Cru is their Barbaresco Classico (remarkably it’s a single cru not a blend of sites). This is the vineyard on top of the hill which the estate takes its name from. Rizzi is one of the best exposed and favourable sites, it can be divided into two sites. Famed map maker, Alessandro Masnoghetti chimes in: ‘The wines in both these sectors are often less structured than one might expect, but never fail to express a basic refined classicism.’ Rizzi takes fruit from both sections. There cannot be any other Barbaresci of this quality where the “entry” bottling is a cru and is this price. I mean there are now Langhe Nebbiolo at that price and this wine is infinitely better than anything of that station. 
Nervo Cru is straddled by the vineyards Bernadot and Rizzi. Nervo has steep slopes, excellent exposures and high-quality soils, making it one of the most renowned in Treiso. Like those of the Rizzi Cru, the wines are not overburdened with structure and solidity but instead feature elegance and classicism – though with a touch more tannic austerity when compared to Rizzi.

Pajore Cru is further up the slope to the west of Nervo. Pajore is a font of excellent Nebbiolo grapes. Angelo Gaja owns the majority of this cru and the cult wines of Giovannini Moresco are sourced from here.  The oldest vines date back to 1955, its south-facing exposition at 200-300m altitude produces wines of power and harmony.

Today we’re offering both the 2018 and 2019 vintages. Buy the 2018s and enjoy them in a short time, the cooler and more open 2018 vintage plays to the fragility and elegance of Rizzi’s crus beautifully. The 19s should be a cornerstone of your cellar – their impending structure and intense cores need time to settle.

After our tasting, we went out for lunch. Enrico loves Champagne and so we started with bubbles to freshen up. We got talking and found out he was off to ski with some wine friends for a week. Curious to know who these friends might be I asked (Michael thinks I ask too many questions, he may be right). The crew included Marta Rinaldi, Jeremy Seysses, Dominique Lafon and Pierre Peters. Bingo! These are amongst our favourite wines from Champagne, Burgundy and Piedmont, more importantly, the wines they all make champion their origins, bringing clarity yet wonder to their expressions. Just like the Barbarescos of Rizzi.

Our new shipment has just arrived, but with the legion of Rizzi fans we don’t expect these will take long to sell out.

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'...focused, terroir-driven Barbaresco loaded with finesse' KERRIN O'KEEFE

  1. Rizzi Barbaresco DOCG 2019
    Rizzi Barbaresco DOCG 2019
    An evocative nose of rose petals and nutmeg mix with savoury notes of fresh leather. Its bold core is encased in a set of fine gliding tannins, a standout feature of the wine. It's youthful yet nimble and has a very promising life ahead. Signing off with fine ferrous tannins, there's so much to love about this elegant Barbaresco, especially the price. GABRIELLE POY
  2. Rizzi Barbaresco Nervo 2019
    Rizzi Barbaresco Nervo 2019
    There's a lightness and nervy spine to the core of maraschino cherries and licorice - a feature of the sandy soils perhaps.  At the moment it feels a little tense, there's a swell of flavours at the fore, but it needs time. Tobacco and balsamic earthy notes balance the berries and dry spices. This is finely tuned and packed with excitement, but tuck it away and it will reward with a few years under its belt. GABRIELLE POY

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