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Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019

Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019 - Prince Wine Store

Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019

I don’t have much experience with this domaine, which was created in 2007, but I certainly came away impressed. These are well worth the extra effort to track down. JEB DUNNUCK

I would like to think that I am a wine professional and that I am capable of separating personal preference, style and emotions from the quality of the wine in the glass. I think I do, however…. When the weather starts to turn and clouds start creeping in then I know that the hunt for these kinds of medium weight reds that I can drink begins. While it doesn’t affect my ability to assess wine it certainly does colour my opinion on things I will offer and drink, a little… I still consume more white than red at home, even in winter, but a couple of times a week I will find myself digging around for something that will satisfy the urge.

Enter Sylvain Gauthier. We have had his St Joseph before but I think this is the first time I have seen this guy and what an introduction. It’s a relatively new estate, I believe, with a young and, clearly, talented winemaker behind the helm. The St Jo we had previously was super and this Ardeche Syrah offers up genuinely brilliant quality, a great expression of its place and, best of all, amazing value. I mean, wait till you taste it, $40 and it is flying in first class.

Little gems like this are what keep you excited by wine. If you taste something that’s expensive and it’s great you expect it, but if you taste a wine of this calibre and at this price point it’s always a little moment of joy. When you are unprepared and something shakes you out of your nonchalance with a little vinous “wake up” slap. That was the situation here. We were tasting quite a few excellent things this day, in fact it was a very good day at the old grinding block. Plenty of super things, GG Rieslings, Burgs, top Aussie Pinot, all the stuff I like in life, so for this to be one of the two things I really zoned in on is pretty telling.

I started to read up a bit on the Sylvain and the estate, it’s the usual story. Young winemaker who trained in Beaune. Worked for Michel Chapoutier, and elsewhere, for a while. Took over his family property and started the domaine des Pierres Seches in 2007. In recent years the reviews and general press for the estate seems to be kicking off, certainly there is some pretty amazing reviews for his wines out there. Someone to watch? Get in early? I think so, but that is not the point of this wine. This is not a collectable thing to put away in the cellar and pull out to impress your friends, this is the wine you pull out on a Saturday night with the family, or mates, or on your own, and consume with some food while marvelling at the quality and, quietly, admonishing yourself for not listening to Roscoe when he said you should be a case (that bit is coming in a second).

Great little wine that could be from nowhere else but the Rhone. It is very much textbook Shiraz but the savoury notes, cool edged fruit and those gritty, stretchy tannins, they are all the Rhone baby. I think that’s why it is so appealing, yes its banging, it’s cheap and it delivers on style but it also very much of the place and that keeps your attention while the beautifully fragrant, mid weight, lively and sweetly textured fruit satisfies the thirst. I really love this and am looking forward to knocking the top off one or two soon.

Yes it will age for a handful of years and “mature” but for me this is something I would want to drink while it’s so engaging.

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Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019

  1. Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019
    Sylvain Gauthier Domaine des Pierres Seches Syrah 2019
    Meaty and spicy, oyster shells, nuts and dried herb, blue and black fruit. It’s intense, but light, with an almost bloody flavour, but plenty of energy and fruit too. Really pops. Pumice stone tannin is a highlight, as is the freshness and grip on a long cool finish. You might say it’s all Syrah on the nose, but with a sort of Beaujolais lightness and crunch in the mouth. A delight. GARY WALSH

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