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Clare Valley Expo 2017

12:00 pm Saturday

Course Dates:Monday  NOVEMBER 27 – 9.30 am – 5.00 pmTuesday NOVEMBER 28 – 9.30 am – 6.00 pm last hour focused on food and wine matching.Wednesday NOVEMBER 29 10 – 9.30 am – 6.00 pm – last hour focused on food and wine matching.Thursday NOVEMBER 30 – 9.30 am – 5.00 pm Friday DECEMBER 1 – 9.30 am – […]

Annual Shuck Yeah – Oysters and Oyster Wines 2017

$20.00 per person
5:30 pm Thursday

Two of the most exciting regions in Europe now are Chablis and the Loire. Few other regions are host to so many young, thoughtful winemakers who have access to so many of the region’s best vineyards and are not fettered with too many traditions and stereotypes, allowing them a free expression.This year our annual Schuck […]

Mencia Madness Lunch

$145.00 per person
1:00 pm Saturday

When Mencía is able to ripen fully and is well cared for in the cellar, it’s capable of producing glorious wines with vivacious red fruit and floral character, vibrant minerality and spiciness, and the balance to age. Fortunately, more and more Mencías done right, especially those from Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra, have made their way […]

Burgundy Grand Cru 2014 Horizontal

$4,695.00 per person
9:30 am Saturday
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Gift Vouchers – The perfect gift for the wine lover

A Prince Wine Store Gift voucher is the perfect gift for the wine lover who is difficult to buy for. Vouchers can be used at any of the three Prince Wine Stores or Bellota and canbe redeemed for orders placed online for delivery Australia Wide. Vouchers can be used for the purchase of all goods, […]

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The partners who curate Prince Wine Store can help you find the perfect wine

Michael McNamara

London’s traditional wine merchants were an inspiration for the early visions Michael had for a business that he would later grow as Prince Wine Store.  After completing degrees in Journalism and Industrial Relations at Deakin and Melbourne Universities respectively, Michael moved to London where he worked with UK independent wine retailer Odd Binns at the height of its popularity. Returning to Australia, he worked across wine retail and importing, moving into the role of Imported Wine Buyer at Philip Murphy Wine & Spirits where he met future business partner Alex Wilcox.  The two bonded over a shared vision in growing the customer base for high-end wines such as Bordeaux and Burgundy beyond the elite.  His time as a partner at Italian wine wholesaler Trembath & Taylor refined his vision, but it was his buy-in of the Prince Wine Store in 2003 that allowed him to explore the potential of a retailer growing beyond its scope. Michael has played a key role in the group’s growth beyond its humble beginnings, and into the bigger picture it projects today. Now with retail stores in Melbourne and Sydney, Michael is passionate about growing the group’s impressive portfolio of producers, and profiling these in their Melbourne wine bar, Bellota and its upcoming Sydney equivalent.

Alex Wilcox

Law school didn’t stand a chance with Alex Wilcox, when a cycling trip through the vineyards of Europe during university sent Alex off in a new direction towards what would become a lifelong career in the world of wine. Whilst completing an Honours Degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Sydney, with a year spent at California’s UC Davis focusing on Wine Trade, Alex worked wine vintages in France, Tuscany and Western Australia. Realising he wasn’t destined to inherit a European vineyard, Alex followed his future wife to Melbourne where he went onto work across all aspects of wine trade, including service, retail and importing. It was during his time working at Phillip Murphy Wine & Spirits in the late 1990s that Alex met future business partner Michael McNamara; a partnership that was formalized when the two bought into the Prince Wine Store a number of years later. Over the last 13 years, Alex has been instrumental in the growth not just of the group and its breadth of offerings, but of lesser-known, quality wine producers he has worked with Michael to source and develop. With stores now in Victoria and NSW, Alex looks forward to expanding the Prince Wine Store’s customer experience to Sydney and beyond.

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