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Gentle Folk Wines

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Gentle Folk Wines

We are a very small winery situated in Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. All our wines are grown in the Adelaide Hills, some by us, some by neighbors and friends. We pick by hand, we let wild ferments happen, we work the wine by hand/ feet and gravity. We don’t own pumps. All wines are stored in old French oak and we bottle by hand under cork or crown seal closures. No fining, no filtration and no additions to the wines besides a small amout of sulphur (30 ppm) added to some wines just prior to bottling. We don’t like to define our styles or wine making techniques. We just make wine in the way we feel is right for the season and most importantly, all wines are made with maximum drinkability in mind. GENTLE FOLK


  1. Gentle Folk Vin de Sofa Red 2021
    Gentle Folk Vin de Sofa Red 2021
    Gareth and Rainto Belton are the faces behind the Gentle Folk label based out of the Basket ranges in the Adelaide Hills. Gareth farms their three vineyards working organically and shying away from additions as much as possible in the winery.

    The Vin de Sofa is a pun on the French wine term Vin de Soif - an easy drinking, don't think too hard and just enjoy the wine term. Each vintage the wine changes depending on season and whims.
    This year is a blend of Adelaide Hills vineyards, with pinot noir bunches in neutral French barriques, pinot gris pressed into stainless steel, and syrah and sangiovese destemmed and left on skins.

    Its open and sweetly perfumed with spicy red fruits and black raspberry wrapped in wild meadow herbs and dry bay. Its soft and juicy in the mouth with succulent fruit. The sangiovese adds a lovely drop of savoury tannin that gently lines the pallet and carries it along giving a mouth-watering and more-ish edge to the wine. You could chill it lightly if you were so inclined but whatever way you have it, it is straight-up delicious.
    Pinot noir
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